London Sadness - God is My Boss (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is glad to present to dark music fans third official release of Russian musician Dmitry from Kazan with his project London Sadness. The project was founded in the year 2015 and managed to release till now two EPs and the compilation of his best tracks. The new work will include 7 completely new tracks in dark atmospheric electro-industrial genre mixed with gothic electronic music elements and guitar sounds in English and Russian languages with distorted and pure male vocals. This music is made for listening in dark room on cool winter or autumn evenings. The new EP of London Sadness will be released officially for free download on the official Synth-me website and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Synth it up!

01. God is My Boss
02. Goodbye
03. Forgive and Forget
04. Longing Fire
05. My Denial
06. I Will Not See the Light
07. Leaving


N-616 - Showing Up (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is glad to present to its fans the new work of Russian project N-616. In early 2000s in Stavropol N-616 was formed as an ambient project with industrial atmosphere. Later the musicians decided to switch to more rhythmic and melodic music and started playing EBM with electro-industrial. Exactly in that manner they had released several full-length albums during the 00s. After that the project took a break and was busy with their other project Floor Seven and came back with new softer material in the middle of 10s. The band is currently busy with putting final touches on the third pre-album single "In Chains" recorded together with N-616's long time friends Floor Seven. New single is done in synthpop, electropop and synth-rock genres with two new songs and one remix. One of the new songs is in English and another one is in Russian. New single of N-616 will be released for free download on the official website and the Bandcamp page of Synth-Me. Synth it up!

01. Showing Up
02. I Could
03. Showing Up (futurepolis mix)


Zyklus :N: - Geistesgift (Synth​-​Me edition)

Internet-label Synth-Me is glad to present to its fans reissue of old full-length album of the German project Zyklus :N:. The project was founded in 2004 and released its debut and only full-length album in 2010. 7 years late Zyklus :N: rised again and is reissueing its debut work with new sounds, new tracks and new remixes. Mix of gothic electro with guitar sounds, synth-rock and danceable melodies in English and German languages is making their music interesting and recognizable. The new edition will include inreleased tracks and exclusive remixes by Russian projects Thornsecticide and PerfectHate and Lithuanians Mirrors of Mind. The album will be available for free download on the official website and Bandcamp page of Synth-Me. Synth it up!

01. Intro
02. Childhunter
03. Seele Brennt
04. Eingang
05. Hopeless
06. Schmerz
07. Dunkelheit
08. Positive
09. Storyteller
10. Fallen Angel
11. Was Du Träumst
12. Der Gute Kamerad
13. Und Eins
14. Childhunter (Thornsectide Remix)
15. Childhunter (PerfectHate Remix)
16. Childhunter (Mirrors Of Mind Remix)
17. Childhunter (Club Mix)


Alchemy - Hateful Symmetry

Internet-label Synth-Me is proud to present the anthology of Danish project Alchemy. The project was formed before more than 20 years and during its way to nowadays managed to release more than 20 albums, EPs, single, remix releases and demos. Music of Alchemy was not the same during all those years. It was jumping from synthpop and electropop sounds to synth-rock, indie-rock and alternative directions. This compilation will include best tracks from the author. Some of the songs were remastered and normalized, so the audience will hear them in a different sound. Also the anthology will include unreleased material from early years. 20 years of music in one album. “Hateful Symmetry” will be available for free download on the official Synth-Me website and on the Bandcamp page. Synth it up!

01. The End (reworked)
02. Genocidal (remastered)
03. The Solution (remastered)
04. Whispers to a Scream (reworked)
05. Rebel! Revolt! Recruite!
06. Death By Proxy
07. The Talent Show
08. Kastika
09. Corpsicle
10. Satan Needs You
11. Your Final Days
12. Fade Away
13. Ellipses
14. Petulant Child 2017
15. The First
16. Descent (remastered)
17. Whisper to a Scream (original 2007) (bonus track)
18. Petulant Child (original 2007) (bonus track)


Luxus:Blut - Phobos (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is glad to present the debut mini-album of Russian project Luxus:Blut named “Phobos”. St. Peterburg based band was created in the year 2017 by Alexandr Lokis. Ksenia Eclipse from the show-project Eclipse became the second permanent member of the band. Earlier this year the single “Viva Infidelity!” was released and will be part of the “Phobos” mini-album. The music of Russian project was inspired by German darkwave genre, which found the way into the band’s sound and atmosphere. Sometimes the music is similar to Endraum, sometimes the soundscapes remind Oneiroid Psychosis and sometimes the gothic electro elements came out and roll the way. Emotional male vocals with English lyrics complement the whole dark sound of the album. And all your phobias will become scary reality. Don’t look into the mirror. The album will be out for free download on September the 6th on the official Synth-Me website and on the Bandcamp of the label. And on September the 2nd the release presentation will happen in St. Petersburg. Synth it up!

01. Like a Marie's Boyfriend
02. Viva Infidelity!
03. Phobos
04. Up Your Lie
05. One Pace Away From Day
06. You and I


Sireirom - Delirium

Internet-label Synth-Me is proud to present the second full-length album of Murmansk-based project Sireirom. The female-fronted project was formed by Rakshaza in 2013 and in 2015 released its first full-length album “Wicked Senses”. New dark creation of Sireirom is called “Delirium” and consists of viscous slow dark electro sounds with guitar elements of aggro-industrial and electro-metal. The electro lovers will meet 12 completely new compositions with distorted and clean female vocals. Most of the tracks on the album are viscous liquor of synthetic aggression and dark romantics. Comparing to the first full-length album the second one has less rhythmic tracks. This album is dedicated to the other side of the normal world: Sabbath of mysterious creatures starting with ghosts or scaring monsters and ending with real guilty persons – human being making violence by their own hands. New album can be considered partly as oldschool non-dance dark electro with small amount of industrial darkwave pieces. “Delirium will be released for free download on the official website of Synth-Me and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Synth it up!

01. Wound
02. Demon of the Past
03. Nightmares
04. Grave
05. Pleasure Palace
06. Synthetic Dreams
07. DPDR
08. Dysphoria
09. Passion and Pain
10. The True Value of Life
11. Thorns
12. Faster. Harder


Sturmmann - Ich Bin Bereit! (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is proud to present to its listeners the new single of Russian Novosibirsk-based project Sturmmann. The project was founded in the year 2015 and started to assault and invade music spaces of neue deutsche härte. The band till now has one album released in 2017. The music is a classical NDH sound with German aggression in lyrics and Siberian frost in music. There will be new original song “Ich Bin Bereit!” and the vision of other projects on the new track: mechanic electro-industrial from Russian Murmansk-based project Synthetische Lebensform, melodic techno-industrial from Moscow-based CutOff:Sky, minimalistic new bat with EBM elements from Lithuanian project Der Technostadt (side-project of P89) and noise madness from German rhythmic noise Stahlschlag. The single will be available for free download on the official website and Bandcamp page of the Synth-Me label. Synth it up!

01. Ich Bin Bereit!
02. Ich Bin Bereit! (Synthetische Lebensform remix)
03. Ich Bin Bereit! (Der Technostadt remix)
04. Ich Bin Bereit! (CutOff:Sky remix)
05. Ich Bin Bereit! (Stahlschlag remix)
06. Ich Bin Bereit! (orchestral by Kamizu Kote 神図 鋼手)


Gefaehrte - Surrender

Internet-label Synth-Me is glad to present its listeners second album of German experimental electronic project Gefaehrte. 7 years after the debut album project, which is actually the side-project of synth-goth formation Zyklus :N:, the German experimentalist created the second album with varied range of genres. Airiness of ambient interlacing with experimentality of IDM, roughness of rhythmic noise penetrates into the sentimentality of synth-goth and all of this is spiced with soft atmospheric electro-industrial elements. Some of the tracks contain female vocals, which adds some kind of charm and making the album even more interesting. The new album “Surrender” will be released for free download on the official Synth-Me label website and on the official Bandcamp page. Synth it up!

01. What If?
02. Worlds Collide - We Unite!
03. I Hated You Yesterday
04. Signs
05. Vodyr
06. Satanic Pop Hymn
07. Osteotom
08. Where Are You Now?
09. Truth - The Apocalypse!
10. The Aftermath
11. The Happy Ending


Synthetische Lebensform - Extravagant

Synth-Me is proud to present to its listeners new full-length creation of the Russian Murmansk based project Synthetische Lebensform. The project was formed in 2013 and under the influence of the electro-industrial grandees makes outstanding cyber-technological opuses of the oldschool post-industrial genre. SLF is the two-membered alliance, that is able to produce excellent music for the home listening and also for the clubs. SLF formation performed several times in Murmansk, but never did it outside their own hometown, which might be changed soon. Their debut full-length album “Initialization” was also released on Synth-Me and was successful on the Russian internet webzines and also outside of it being part of the electronic radio-streaming and as a background for several videos. New full-length album “Extravagant” is the amazing mechanical sound of electro-industrial with cyberpunk aesthetics. 11 completely new tracks with three bonuses will flow the listeners to the old times of electro-industrial and will remind, that the genre is still alive. Standard distorted vocals with robotized and pure voices will add to the charm of complex and simple at the same time sound. This time the album will not include remixes, but the remix release will follow later after the full-length album. The new album of Synthetische Lebesform will be available for free download on the official Synth-me website and on the official Bandcamp page. Synth it up!

01. Dead Sunlight
02. Ghost Shadows
03. Future Sound of SLF
04. Excellent
05. Back to Reality
06. Bright Worn Gears
07. Bomb
08. Impact of Technology
09. Virus
10. We Get Control
11. That You Choose
12. Generator B (bonus track)
13. UltraCorps (bonus track)
14. War Machine (bonus track)


Ügynökség - Hiányzó Láncszem - Jó éjt Istenek! (remix) EP

Label Synth-Me is proud to present for its listeners the new release of the old Hungarian project Ügynökség. The project was created in 1993 and during his long history managed to release 4 full-length albums in the genre of soft synthpop with pop-culture elements and electropop variations. The project is doing its music in Hungarian language, which makes his music charming and adding uniqueness and special atmosphere. The band performed solo concerts many times in Budapest. The duo has also several remix releases and a lot of singles, EPs, demos and MCDs. The name of the band can be translated as „Agency“. On the new remix release on Synth-Me you will find remixes for two tracks from the last album "Itt És Most"("Here and Now"), which was released in 2016. The remixes will be in different electronic genres not only from the dark and synth scene. So, enjoy the Agency. The release will be officially available on Synth-Me website and on the official Bandcamp page for free download. And for now Synth it UP!

01. Hiányzó Láncszem (Khiflee gold medal edit)
02. Hiányzó Láncszem (Roothouse hard break mix)
03. Hiányzó Láncszem (Analogue Project remix)
04. Jó éjt Istenek! (AJT Studio space Eurodance mix)
05. Jó éjt Istenek! (Roothouse electro chaos mix)
06. Jó éjt Istenek! (APX-Files remix)
07. Jó éjt Istenek! (underfestival version)
08. Jó éjt Istenek! (Mick Lowland reload remix 2017)


Convulsia Darklove - We Emerged From the Darkness

Synth-Me label is glad to present to the dark scene lovers the debut album of the young polish project Convulsia Darklove. The project came out to the world of music in the yar 2015 and was created by its only member Madzia Firlej. During its very short career the project managed to release a number of demo EPs, several separate tracks on the Bandcamp and on different compilations and few half professional homemade videos on the Youtube channel. Also Convulsia Darklove did more than 10 performances last year. The debut full length will be released on Synth-Me and will include 10 new songs done in melancholic synth-goth genre with the elements of romantic synthpop. The album will include also two tracks released earlier on the demo EP. Soft synthetic sounds with gothic atmosphere and slight vocals are going all through the music on the entire album. 10 peculiar convulsed ballads. 10 different stories. 10 ways of life. The album will be available for free download on the official website of Synth-Me and the Bandcamp page. Synth it up!

01. Witches of Thessaly
02. True Redeemers
03. Deaf, Blind and Silent
04. Gang of Poisoned Souls
05. Hopes
06. Don’t Let Me Go to War
07. Appointed By Man (Moist Lament)
08. Sea of Lust
09. Don’t Try to Drink My Blood
10. 11


Vile Flesh - Hirm

Synth-Me presents the new album of Russian St. Petersburg based project Vile Flesh. The project had already released several albums on our label, but the new work is pretty different from the previous albums. Now it has no crazy insane spirit of formless experimentalism, but there are complex sound constructions, which formed in the certain structure. Every listener will hear there something from his/her own universe and maybe will also see images. Through the window to the world of illusions, to the world of daydreams, visions and black and white dreams. The world of embraces and impulses, where your eyes can hear, your ears can see and your subconsciousness can enjoy soundscapes of unique industrial mix of ambient and darkwave. You can hear rare female declamations at some points on the album, but the main adornment of the album is the collaboration with the Slovenian band Uho za Oko. New album of Vile Flesh will be released for free download on the official label website and the label’s Bandcamp page. Synth it up!

01. W In Ter
02. E-Mergence
03. UV Svet(loba) (feat. Uho Za Oko)
04. (H-D)aze
05. Divine R
06. Found Ry
07. I'm Murement
08. (Dis-Cor)Ruption
09. C And Le
10. M Is T
11. Ex-It
12. Black(Out)


The Terror - Morbid Nation

Synth-Me label is proud to present the new album of Argentinian project The Terror. The Terror was formed in 2011 in the capital of Argentina Buenos Aires. The first full-length album of the horror-punk/death-rock formation was released in 2013 and in 2016 the band released mini-album with covers for popular songs of famous bands. Mariana Gutierrez is writing lyrics and singing, Roger is playing on bass-guitar and keyboards and Charly is playing guitars. The trio is inspired and heavenly influenced by classics of horror movies and horror literature. The band is doing music on the border of rock, punk and gothic scenes with atmosphere of Halloween and zombie apocalypse. On the nw album you will listen to 10 new tracks made in pretty recognizable sound of the Argentinians. The album will be available on the official website of the label and on the official page of Synth-Me on the Bandcamp. And for now Synth it up, my zombies!

01. El Rostro del Miedo
02. Desde el Mas Alla
03. Los Otros
04. Obsesion
05. Placer Morboso
06. Pesadilla
07. Necromance
08. Tetradotoxina
09. Universos Paralelos
10. Ellos Sabian


Sceptica - Monochrom (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me presents new release of the project Sceptica. The German formation was started in 2016 by the member of Mind.Area, AI Zero and Human Decay Maikko A. in cooperation with Fleshwire, which is also known by his work in AI Zero. In the band Fleshwire is responsable for lyrics and Maikko is the head of the sounds and everything around.The musicians are creating unique mix of electro-industrial sounds, synthetic music and small part of IDM. Soft ambient ornate melodies with robotic vocals are enswathing listener’s subconscious plunging his/her mind into the System’s atmosphere. Everybody has own System and understands it differently. For one it is the ball of life threads, for another – mathematical formulas and chemical substances, for somebody else – just music destructing from routine life and everyday cares, and for someone it is a sip of energy in the ocean of monotony. A dark quiet storm you can’t resist. Debut work of German project will include 4 new tracks and will be released for free download on the official website and Bandcamp page of the Synth-Me label. Synth it up!

01. The System
02. Unter Euch
03. Monochrom
04. No TIme to Rest


KronicDecay - Playing With Fire

Synth-Me label presents new release in the year 2017. The American project KronicDecay was started in 2016 by Justin Graue and released already several demos, live recordings and one album. So now it’s time for the second full-length album. Mixing of industrial noise sounds, ambient atmosphere and elements of industrial darkwave will take you through the corners of the dark places of your mind and will lead you to the explosion of the feelings. Aggression, melancholy, grief and fear are the words to describe the atmosphere of the new album. 10 new compositions will show how to play with fire. The album will be released for free download on the official Synth-Me website and on the Bandcamp page. And let’s play with fire. Synth it up!

01. 55 Seconds
02. Psychological Terror
03. Plying With Fire
04. Migraine
05. Dark Meditation
06. Untold Echoes
07. The End of All That is to Be (Final)
08. Frozen in Time
09. Track 9
10. Death


Holocoder - Holocoder (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me presents new single of Russian EBM project Holocoder. The Holocoder formation was created in the year 2002 and straight from the beginning started to invade post-industrial scene of Russian Federation. Since 2002 the project released 3 full-length albums on known Russian labels, performed on the main post-industrial festivals in the post-USSR countries in many cities and towns all over Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The new single “Discipline” is released before the full-length album and includes completely new material in modern EBM genre with Russian lyrics and propagandistic conception as the Holocoder musician knows to make. New tracks are made with the known recognizable manner of the Russian musician. Their own interpretation for the original tracks made several projects: Russian Torch Project and [SHTURM] and Belorussian Asdeandare. The single will be officially released for free download on the official webpage of the Synth-Me label and on the Bandcamp. Synth it up!

01. Intro
02. Discipline
03. Let Me Get Out
04. Monopoly
05. Goalkeeper
06. Flag
07. Outro
08. Discipline (Torch Project remix)
09. Discipline ([SHTURM] remix)
10. Discipline (Asdeandare remix)


A Million Machines - Two Face (EP)

First single of LA based American project A Million Machines was released in 2013. After that America duo released several more singles. In 2017 internet-label Synth-Me is proud to present debut EP uner the name “Two Face”. Inspired by the works of Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode, Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails and minimalistic sound of Kraftwerk MIG (known by his works in The New Room) and Fate Fatal (known by his works in The Deep Eynde and Kittens for Christian) are making melancholic synthpop with male vocals and simple melodies with even experimental sound from time to time. The project planned several time ago to release the full length album, but the album is not out, but the the mini-album is available for free download on the official website and Bandcamp of the label. Synth it up!

01. Undivided
02. My Criminal Mind
03. Ultraflesh
04. Control


Stahlschlag - Aftermath (2CD)

Internet-label Synth-Me presents a new full-length album of the German project Stahlschlag. The project came to the world of post-industrial music in February 2006 and since then released 4 full-length albums, two of which were released on the American label Hypervoxx Recordings and two other as self-release. Besides that this one man project took part in several compilations of German labels such as Extreme Sündenfall and Extreme Störfrequenz. The new album of the project is done in rhythmic noise genre with atmospheric experimental elements from other electronic genres such as IDM, electro-industrial, techno etc. The peculiar features of the tracks is the discursive rhythms, powerful rhythm section and general atmosphere from classic industrial music. On the main part of the release there are tracks in oldschool rhythmic noise genre, sending the listener to the source such as Winterkälte, Converter and Esplendor Geométrico. The whole album consists of the main part with original tracks and the remixes on the separate part as CD2 on which other musicians and projects mainly from Germany made their versions of the original tracks. Remixes are made in different genres starting with classical rhythmic noise and regular formless noise music and ending with techno-industrial. Among the remixes should be mentioned N8STROM2618, Primitive Noise Sector, Letzte Ausfahrt Leben, LaUD23, Stainless.4571 and many others. Stahlschlag is celebrating his 10 years anniversary and Synth-me label joins him in his celebrations. The album will be available for free download on the official website and Bandcamp of Synth-Me label. This will be the last release on the Synth-Me in the year 2016, so in this occasion we want to wish you Happy New Year holidays and wish you best music in your head and positive mood in your body in the year 2017. Synth it up!

01. Cast Off!
02. Authorities
03. Resurrection
04. Schwarz
05. Realität
06. War With Society
07. The Fallen
08. Omega
09. Kammer 60
10. Geister
11. Ausbruch
12. Edelstahl
13. Broken Mirror
14. Ende

01. Authorities (Insectrum remix)
02. Authorities (Zoonosis remix)
03. Broken Mirror (Renflow Beats remix)
04. Broken Mirror (N8STROM2618 remix)
05. Broken Mirror (shattered pieces remix by Elektrosniper)
06. Broken Mirror (distortdirtmix by Primitive Noise Sector)
07. Cast Off! (laboratory mix by DJ Mark Hardware)
08. Edelstahl (schwerzerspanung remix by Stainless.4571)
09. Resurrection (psynoise mix by LaUD23)
10. Resurrection (XFnX nuclear remix)
11. Ende (Catastrophe Noise remix)
12. Ende (future & sonic remix by Darky Cybernexi)
13. Resurrection (Letzte Ausfahrt Leben remix)


Alpha IrRadiation - Psycho

Year 2010. Radiation field starts growing. New name Alpha IrRadiation is coming out on the post-industrial music scene. Year 2011. Level of radiation is higher, but still didn’t reach the critical point. The project records and releases their forst demo and make a live show for the first time. Year 2012. The level of infection reaches the critical level and crosses the mark. Alpha IrRadiation releases their first full-length album. Year 2013. Infection continues. Musicians release new material with sound, which is irregular comparing with their past material. Year 2016. After the light recession of radiation level, the infection is coming back with the fresh power. Murmansk based musicians release their second ful-length album. Label Synth-Me presents new full-length album of Russian dark electro formation Alpha IrRadiation “Psycho”. On the nw album you will hear rough ornate rhythms of melodic dark electro sounds with evil distorted vocals and completely new tracks. Album will be released for free download in the official website and Bandcamp of the label Synth-Me. Synth it up!

01. Move In
02. Psycho
03. Reinforcement
04. Hurt Me
05. Silent Death
06. Personal Experience
07. Sync0pe
08. Time Shifting
09. Cryostasis
10. Protect
11. Schizophrenia (Remake)


Antilav - Trial (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is pleased to present a bit weird mini-album of Russian gothic-electro project Antilav. The project has been out of the scene for more than a year, but the musicians haven’t stopped making music and have been trying their hands at different genres. And we are presenting three new dark-electro/EBM tracks with distorted vocals in English and German which is perfectly suitable for a gothic dancefloor. The tracks have been made in the best tradition of German dark electro music and can be easily compared to post-industrial projects from Germany. This unusual EP will also include two old gothic-electro songs in Russian made long time ago with the former members of Antilav band. Mini-album “Trial” will be officially released for the free download on the official Synth-Me website and Bandcamp page. Synth it up!

01. Dance, Bleed, Cry
02. Das ist EBM
03. Fall Down
04. New Day (demo)
05. You See (demo)


Uho za Oko - Ill (Tik-Tak) (EP)

Synth-Me label is proud to present the new mini-album of the young Slovenian formation Uho za Oko. The project consists of two members and was created in 2013 and managed to release one long full-length album and to create unique atmosphere of industrial darkwave music. On our label the duo will present the new mini-album with new compositions and one remix. Slovenian lyrics and female voices are creating the peculiar mysterious crazy sound in industrial darkwave genre, which is so rare to find on the industrial scene nowadays. The whirling away compositions should be listened in the completely dark room in headphones only. The material could be described also as industrial spoken words. The new creation of Slovenian project will be available for free download on the official website of Synth-Me label and on the official page of bandcamp. Synth it up!

01. Poezija
02. Skrivnost
03. Begunec
04. Nisi za Nobeno Rabo (psychedelic rock mix)


Silent Lost Soul - Indecision and Hesitancy (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is glad to present to its listeners of post-industrial music a new mini-album of two tracks of the young Czech project Silent Lost Soul. The project was created by one musician in the year 2013 and during his musical career had released thre small opuses of his instrumental electro-industrial material. On the brand new release “Indecision and Hesitancy EP” the czech musician will present two brand new compositions covered, wrapped and saturated with the spirit of oldschool electrical industrial music in the new format and with modern influences. Gritting mechanisms with melodic rhythms will take you 20-30 years to the past to feel the atmosphere of electro-industrial. New mini-album of Czech project will be available for the free download on the official label and Bandcamp of the Synth-Me label on the 14th of November. Synth it up

01. Indecision
02. Hesitancy


Holocoder - Europe (EP)

Label Synth-Me is proud to present a new single of russian EBM-project Holocoder with the name "Europe". The project was created in 2002, but came out of the dark of the post-industrial scene not long time ago. The previous full-length album of the musicians from Volgograd was relased on the famous russian label Gravitator Records. The project managed to perform on the big festival in Russia and Ukraine and on the stage with known post-industrial projects. New singl includes two completely new tracks in modern EBM genre in russian language with aggressive lyrics and military atmosphere. You can find there also three remixes by russian collegues on the post-industrial scene: Obsidian FX, Totten Mechanismus and Torch Project. The single will be available on the resourses of Synth-Me label on bandcamp and on the official website. Synth it up!

01. Europe
02. The New Race
03. Europe (Obsidian FX remix)
04. Europe (Totten Mechanismus remix)
05. Europe (Torch Project remix)


Vile Flesh - Arnasketa

The first release of the internet-label Synth-Me in 2016 after the long pause. Label is proud to present a new album of russian St. Peterburg based project Vile Flesh. Previous albums were made in different industrial genres such as dark ambient, rhythmic noise and IDM. The new one full-length album will be closer to the classical industrial with scratchy rhythms, soft electro-industrial elements, mystic images, shapes and forms and inexperessible atmosphere with samples from different aspects of our life and cinema. On the album you can hear rhythmic compositions and deep atmospheric opuses with unique sound. 14 creations of dark culture. The newcoming full-length album of prolific russian musicians will be released on the 10th of may and will be available for free download on the official Bandcamp page of the label. Synth it up!

01. Quag Mire
02. Rig(or) Mortis
03. T In Plague
04. R Age
05. Di-spirit(edness)
06. H And S
07. M One Y
08. Wind(ing) Sheet
09. Ill-Usion
10. Re Lapse
11. Nau Sea
12. Hum Us
13. Anti No-My


Vile Flesh - Lamentar

Synth-Me label presents new album of St. Peterburg based russian project Vile Flesh with their new album "Lamentar". 8 industrial soundscapes from the depths of our minds will reboot your brain in a second. Rough ambient or melodic noise? Thorny madness or soft silence? The gloomy atmosphere of the labyrinth of our thoughts under black and white veil of hopelessness. 8 diagnoses. 8 histories of mankind. 8 deadlocks of our subconscious. 8 ends of the world. 8 ends of life. Second release on Synth-Me of the russian band is done in not really usual style for the label with dark ambient and experimental industrial, but fits perfectly the conception and thoughts of the label owner and label audience. This album will be one of the last albums on the label in the year 2015. The album will be released on the 5th of december on the official website of the label and on the BandCamp. Synth it up!

01. Hope Less(ness)
02. C On Ster Nation
03. Com(a)-fort
04. Deffect
05. St Air
06. Be Holder
07. Deso(u)lation
08. Imm In Ence


N8STROM2618 - Unnamed (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is back after the summer holidays with new release and new name. German rhythmic noise project N8STROM2618 was created in 2002 and released already several albums and EPs for free download in the internet. Harsh powerful rhythmic noise from only member of the project Thorsten H. cleverly combines modern sound with oldschool rhythmic noise legends. The material with aggressive beats and ambient elements was inspired by such noise masters as Converter and Hypnoskull. The release includes new tracks, new version of the old track and the remix from russian project Vile Flesh. The EP will be released for free download on the official website and Bandcamp of the label. Synth it up!

01. I Don't Care
02. Rolling Stock
03. Bipolar
04. Unwanted (2015 version)
05. 8erbahn
06. Tiefe Töne mit System
07. Treatment (Vile Flesh remix)
08. Shitstorm


Mea Vita - Eternity of Nothingness

Project Mea Vita was established in 2008 by 3 girls: Felis, Mila and Vesssna. Since than they've managed to release one mini-album and one single with remixes. And finally after 7 years Mea Vita releases the debut full-length album. Internet-label Synth-Me presents 12 compositions of Moscow-based project in different genres. The album includes coolness and depressivity of synth-goth, ambience and divinity of ethereal, incrutability and mysticism of darkwave, melody and stringiness of gothic metal. Perfect female vocals in russian and english with beautiful keyboard parts and soft guitar sound, sometimes more metal, than gothic, are making the atmosphere very unique and 7 years of recording are making this album supervaried. 10 original compositions were complemented with 2 electro remixes and also remixes by known american darkwave-project Oneiroid Psychosis and german experimental electronics project Aynth. The album is available for free download on the official Synth-Me website and BandCamp. Synth it up!

01. Secret Light
02. Shadows
03. Dust
04. Letter from an Unknown
05. Magic (remix)
06. Forgive Us
07. The Eternity of Nothingness
08. Mea Vita
09. Clouds
10. Other Side of Light
11. Clouds (remix)
12. You are My Despair
13. Secret Light (Oneiroid Psychosis remix)
14. Secret Light (aerandum version by Aynth)


Synthetisch Lebensform - Initialization

Internet-label Synth-Me is glad to present to its listeners debut album of russian project Synthetisch Lebensform from Murmansk. The project was created in 2013 and had released already one mini-album, which attracted oldschool post-industrial audience. 2 musicians are creating oldschool mix of electro-industrial and EBM, which is flying us back to 90s to the age of EBM prosperity. Qualitative and rich sound in high european level with lyrics in english create that exact atmosphere from 90s. Debut full-length album contains absolute new material, which was recorded during the last year of work. Also you will find the remixes of different european bands in different genres from swiss project Metallspürhunde, austrian SadoSato, germans Syntech, belorussian Asdeandare, russian [ Sin.thetic Squad ] and also a cover-version by israli band Your Bunny Rot. 19 tracks will be available for free download from 16th of may on the website and the official bandcamp page of the label. Dive into 90s with Synthetisch Lebensform. Synth it up!

01. Subsequence
02. Broken Machine
03. Existence of Insanity
04. Corps of Aerial Plat
05. Sci-Fi EBM
06. Third World War
07. Steel
08. Come Down
09. Disappearing
10. Ruthless
11. Stroggos
12. Aggression
13. Disappearing (rottweiler remix by Metallspürhunde)
14. Disappearing (Asdeandare remix)
15. Existence of Insanity (SadoSato remix)
16. Subsequence (Syntech remix)
17. Subsequence (sin.thesized by [ Sin.thetic Squad ])
18. Subsequence (covered by Your Bunny Rot)
19. Subsequence (minimal mix)


Preacherz of the Savage Truth - The Phoenix (Remixed) (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is proud to present new remix release of the french project Preacherz of the Savage Truth. The project was created in the beginning of 10s in the Toulouse in France by two skilled musician friends doing cover-versions for such famous bands as The Cure, Bjork and Depeche Mode with Kevin Paul from Mute Records. In 2013 the project made a remix for the known american band How to Destroy Angels. Till now the project released 2 mini-albums, one of which was actually the soundtrack for the french movie BIZON, which will be featured at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival 2015, and last year made a video, which could be easily called a small movie. With the track for the video were working 3 bands, which created their own view for Phoenix. The original music of the Preacherz is varying between electronic and rock genres similar to american electronic rock sound, but more experimental. In the single you can find 4 remixes. 3 of them were done by russian projects and one more did french colleagues of Preacherz. Russian made some oldschool (Synthetisch Lebensform and Ultimate Soldier) and modern (CutOff:Sky) post-industrial view on the Preacherz' music. French band Control Alt Supp made more experimental electronic remix. Release is some kind of sequel for the previous mini-album "The Phoenix", where you can find the original version of the track. And this remixed single will be released for free download on 25th of april and will be available as usually on the official website of the label and on teh Bandcamp. For now you can enjoy the maxi-video or mini-movie for the „Phoenix“ and waiting for 25th of april. Synth it up!

01. The Phoenix (Synthetisch Lebensform remix)
02. The Phoenix (CutOff:Sky remix)
03. The Phoenix (Control Alt Supp remix)
04. ATOM (Ultimate Soldier remix)


Asdeandare - In the Darkness of Orbits (EP)

Belorussian project Asdeandare was created in 2010 and immidiately came out to the post-industrial scene. After several promo-singles and tracks the project is releasing full official single with 3 original tracks and some remixes. Internet-label Synth-Me presents its new name and the new release. 3 original versions done in melodic dark electro with futurepop elements with distotred vocals and russian lyrics. Clear voiced sound, energetic beats and slaughtering rhythm will not leave you indifferent. The single includes also remixes from Asdeandare russian friends and some unusual acoustic cover version. And the special present for the listeners will be the remix from german band Mechanical Moth. The single is available for free download as always on the official website of the label and the Bandcamp. Synth it UP!

01. Cosmos
02. God Engeneering
03. Industrial Rise!
04. Industrial Rise! (Mechanical Moth remix)
05. Cosmos (Necrosis Space evil electro rmx)
06. Cosmos (MotoBlockYY rmx)
07. Cosmos (Necrosis Space ebm rmx)
08. Cosmos (cover-verion by Alexandra Smykova)


Ultimate Soldier - Remix Works

Synth-Me label presents remix works of russian EBM-formation Ultimate Soldier. During the years Moscow-based musician was doing the remixes for different bands and finally the time has come to collect all of them in one box. Remix works from Ultimate Soldier will wait for you for free download. You will find there remixes for Vigilante, Pride and Fall, Ginger Snap5, Holocoder, [N]egative01, Distorted World and others. Synth it UP!

01. Vigilante - One Good Reason (Ultimate Soldier remix)
02. Pride and Fall - Turn the Lights On (Ultimate Soldier remix)
03. Ginger Snap5 - Polaris (Ultimate Soldier remix)
04. Holocoder - Ledyanoy Rassvet (Ultimate Soldier remix)
05. Torch Project - Golod (Ultimate Soldier remix)
06. Torch Project - PromZona (Ultimate Soldier remix)
07. Distorted World - Personal Necropolis (Ultimate Soldier remix)
08. [N]egative01 - You People Make Me Sick (Ultimate Soldier remix)
09. Obsidian - Shadowgame (Ultimate Soldier remix)
10. Panzertank - Allzumenschliches (Ultimate Soldier remix)


Distortion Six - Act of Retribution

Internet-label Synth-Me is proud to present the full-length album of norwegian project Distortion Six. Project was founded by Nichlas S. and was located on the industrial scene map in early 10s. One full-length album was already released in 2012 and the collaboration with one of norwegian black metal bands is on the way. Musically Nichlas is mixing agression, pain and noise experiments. Rough rhythmic noise with scratchy sound will not leave your ears on the safe side, your mind clean and your soul in heaven. Powerful heavy beats and sharp intermittent broken rhythm in part of the tracks with viscid indistinct sound in other tracks put the project in some golden middle between modern rhythmic noise and its oldschool version. The new album includes completely new tracks and some old modified versions. Album is available for free download on the official Synth-Me website and BandCamp. Eat agression with Distortion Six. Synth it UP!

01. Minn Dasta Andartak Qnd (intro)
02. Breath of Danger
03. Nordisk Stoy
04. Vintage
05. Du Hast
06. Sakura Sakura
07. Motstander
08. Morgue
09. Steampnk
10. Fuck You and Your Fucking Bass
11. Sensei is a Monkey
12. Saturdaynight
13. Walk the Earth
14. Transexual Rampage
15. Weak


Ultimate Soldier - No Mercy (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is proud to present to its listeners the new single of russian EBM-project Ultimate Soldier. The project is already known on the russian post-industrial scene by skillful mixing of modern EBM-sound and nostalgic oldschool variations. On the new single you will hear two new tracks in the modern EBM style with military conception and powerful, but now so deep sound. Also you will enjoy remixes from russian projects Sector 516 and Protester Atom. But the most surprising remix for EBM-lovers and synthpop-lovers comes from Carlos Peron known by his work in Yello. One more track on the release will be the cover-version for known old russian punk-rock band Antimuzyka. Release will be available from 25th of february for free download on the official Synth-Me website and BandCamp. Synth ur life!

01. No Mercy
02. No Mercy (Protester Atom remix)
03. No Mercy (Sector 516 remix)
04. War (Fucking Whore)
05. Rabstvo i Disciplina (Antimuzika cover)
06. No Mercy (Carlos Peron remix)


Antilav - In My Dreams Around the World (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is starting its new season of music with russian gothic electro project Antilav and their remix maxi-single "In My Dreams Around the World". The release was preparing during the whole year and became something like the second part of the album. Projects from all the continents on the planet Earth took part in the release with their remixes and made their own view of the "In My Dreams" composition and other tracks from the album. The journey starts in european part of the planet. Belgian project Signal Aout 42 made EBM-remix in the best traditions of the genre. Colleagues from Germany Absurd Minds with futurepop, Desastroes with dark electro and Stahlschlag with rhythmic noise remixes continued the genre transforamations of "In My Dreams". Mirrors of Mind from Lithuania made melancholic synth-goth view of other track from the album. As the russian projects PerfectHate, Bess known by her work in Mangust and trance-industrial project Moon Gates Project. Than our journey is moving to the american continents with canadian electro-industrial DYM and electro industrial from USA Concept Negative. The South American ritual ambient project Terr?ncantat from Argentina made the surprise in its medieval remix. Chinese techno-industrial musician Zaliva-D created totally different sound of "In My Dreams". The South African electro-industrial formation Winter Soul from african continent exploded the brains with the beats. Australian techno-project Delphic Karma and New Zealand happy hardcore/house DJ Komix made their view on "In My Dreams" in mainstream electronic scene. So you have to sit down, put the headphones on, close your eyes and start the journey all over the world. And of course we want to say huge thanks to all the musicians, who took part in this project. We appreciate this a lot and will be glad to cooperate in future again. Synth ur life!

01. In My Dreams (Desastroes remix)
02. In My Dreams (Absurd Minds remix)
03. In My Dreams (Terr?ncantat remix)
04. In My Dreams (remixed by Signal Aout 42)
05. Not a Goth (ratz tanz remix by Bess)
06. Basic Instinct (PerfectHate remix)
07. In My Dreams (Stahlschlag remix)
08. In My Dreams (Zaliva-D remix)
09. In My Dreams (Komix remix) (radio edit)
10. Not a Goth (remixed by Concept Negative)
11. In My Dreams (DYM remix)
12. In My Dreams (Winter Soul remix)
13. Not a Goth (Mirrors of Mind remix)
14. Not a Goth (sacred mixxx by Moon Gates Project)
15. In My Dreams (Delphic Karma remix)


Vile Flesh - Dvojnost (2CD)

Internet-label Synth-Me presents new double album of the russian experimental project Vile Flesh. Nowadays the project consists of two members, who are projecting their thoughts and ideas in different soundscapes and post-industrial genres, but was created in the year 2012. Enveloping dark ambient turnes into mystic middle tempo rhythmic noise and running through it to experimental IDM. New release consists of totally new material and unreleased album. Original style of musicmaking and a wish to experimentilize are making Vile Flesh a some kind of unique project on modern russian post-industrial scene. Synth ur life!

01. The New S
02. C On Fession
03. Bond Age
04. Child Hood Machine
05. Suff Ing
06. Sub Mission
07. The F-Eel
08. Dis Solution
09. Murm Aid
10. P And A
11. (S-M)adness
12. Ex Or Cism
13. Dom In'Ation
14. St Op

01. In-Dust Rial
02. Sha Man(iac)
03. Dis May
04. Re Ligion
05. T-Rain
06. In Dian Art-Illery
07. Ab And Oned
08. Poly Ticks
09. Che Lovek
10. W-All
11. Dao De Zen


Loveburger - Fear Store (EP)

Internet-label Synth-me is glad to present to its listeners the new EP of young Moscow-based russian duet Loveburger. Anastasia and Alexandra created the project not so long time ago, but already managed to release several EPs, make several live shows and get their audience. Musically the project is balancing on the edge between synth music and indie-scene, going from time to time to both sides. New mini-album is called "Fear Store" and consists of toxic mix of electropop, electroclash and indie-pop with some kind of unusual sound and soft guitar parts. The listeners will hear 5 new tracks from A-duet. Synth ur life!

01. Handless Little Monster
02. Stover
03. Love is in the Air (But I Don't Want It)
04. My Stupid Whore
05. Glorious Days


Ultimate Soldier - Ready to Fight (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me presents the new single of russian EBM-project Ultimate Soldier before releasing its full-length album. The project was created by Dmitri as Futuresoldier in the year 2009. In 2011 the debut full-length album was released. Since than the music of Ultimate Soldier became more holistic and sharp and the project became of few projects on the world post-industrial scene, which is playing modern EBM. The main track of the album was recorded featuring the ex-member of belgian project Dl*ove Luc Orient, known as Lukk. The track is done in midtempo modern EBM with hard non-distorted vocals. It's obvious, that Dmitri was inspired by oldschool EBM projects, so the remixes by germans Krzon and Cyber and brasilian project Frontrunner will not surprise the audience as well as cover for the german project Pierrepoint. The whole single is done more or less in the same genre, so it will appeal for the fans of the classic post-industrial electronic music. Synth ur life!

01. Ready to Fight (feat. Lukk)
02. Ready to Fight (Cyber remix)
03. Ready to Fight (Type 5 Blood beagbeat remix)
04. Nightmare Zone (Pierrepoint cover)
05. Ready to Fight (Frontrunner remix)
06. Ready to Fight (Krzon remix)


KryoniK Moon - SuperLuna

Russian project KryoniK Moon came to the gothic electro scene in 2011 on the ruins of other project Hypno[Revil], in which the frontwoman Alina was creating more rough electro-industrial music with other musician. In 2011 first 2-track-demo of KryoniK Moon was released and the project started working on their full-length album. And finally in the year 2014 russian net-label Synth-Me will release the debut album of that extraordinary band. The albums consists of dancable electronic beats, distorted and clean female vocals, guitar parts and lyrics in english and german languages. Well-known dark scene russian musician Sleetgrout also took part in the album. This album will be interesting as to the gothic electronic music listeners so to the fans of distorted beats and dirty vocals of dark electro. Except the main material, which was partly published in demo-version in the groups in Facebook and Vkontakte, the audience will hear remixes from japanese techno-band Bespa Kumamero, german dark electro re:\legion and other two well-known dark scene russian projects Purple Fog Side and Nitemare Machine. So be it. Welcome: KryoniK Moon and its "SuperLuna". Synth ur life!

01. Kryonik Sage
02. Illusion
03. Red Queen
04. Letzte Wache
05. Phobia
06. Vollmond
07. Alfa
08. Tron
09. Specter
10. Vollmond (Bespa Kumamero remix)
11. Vollmond (halo remix by re:\legion)
12. Red Queen (Purple Fog Side remix)
13. Tron (Nitemare Machine remix)


Omnimar - Ego Love (EP)

Russian internet-label is opening the season of 2014. The first release will be presented by young Moscow-based project Omnimar. Promising duo releases new single from upcoming debut full-length album. Maria and Yaroslav created unique atmosphere of gothic electronic music with electro-industrial infuences, but in this single the duo decided to make the sound softer and more synthetic. They've got help from hungarians Plazmabeat, germans Vainerz, czech project mulpHia, russians CutOff:Sky and Strobe Connector. Those projects did their remix view for the original version of "Ego Love". Besides the remixes, music lovers will also find already released single "Herzschlag" and its russian version. But not only the musical component is performed, Omnimar released the video for "Ego Love", which you can find on Youtube. Synth ur life!

01. Ego Love
02. Herzschlag
03. Ego Love (Plazmabeat remix)
04. Ego Love (Vainerz remix)
05. Ego Love (CutOff:Sky remix)
06. Herzschlag (russian version)
07. Ego Love (remixed by Strobe Connector)
08. Ego Love (mulpHia remix)


Antilav - Antilav

In the end the year 2013 russian internet-label Synth-Me and moscow-based project Antilav will make teh new year present for their music lovers. On the 29th of december the debut album of Antilav will be released. The project was created in 2010 by Ivan, who was participated earlier in gothic rock project Spaun. Antilav started to play gothic electronic music and was compared to BlutEngel, but russians have their own peculiar features. On the debut album the music lovers will be able to listen to all the recorded tracks till now. It will be melodic annd dancable gothic electro with amazing female voice of Elena and distorted vocals by Ivan. Dive into the world of Antilav with their debut album. Synth ur life!

01. Antilav
02. I'll be Waiting
03. In My Dreams
04. Basic Instinct
05. I Don't Wanna Take Apart
06. Meeting Autumn
07. Call to Mind
08. Not a Goth
09. Desparation


Paris'71 - For U...

Russian net-label Synth-Me is proud to present the debut album of russian Moscow-located duet Paris'71 called "For U..." The album includes 8 original tracks of rhythmic energetic and full of life synth-rock mostly with female vocals in russian and english language. The musicians are combining skillfully synthetic electronic music with guitar sounds and female vocals by Elena. The albums ends with the remix made by belorussian project Diversant:13 Synth ur life!

01. Asia
02. Raison D'Etre
03. Bats
04. Take #21
05. Forgive
06. DBS
07. For U..
08. Just Fly (m4kb)
09. Just Fly (Diversant:13 remix)


Mangust - No Room For Error

Label Synth-Me presents the debut album of the project Mangust, named ''No Room for Error''. Project was founded by Olga B. in the year 2012. She is known by the collaboration with the project C-Lekktor not only in Russia. Inspired by the space theme Olga is dreaming about the endless universe and unknown worlds, advising to the listeners to dive into eclectic electronic mix for the abstract electronics' fans.

01. I Am Thou
02. Highway To Nowhere
03. Go For U (From Future)
04. Back To Orion
05. Alone In The City
06. Black Feather
07. Send Me A Postcard (Shocking Blue Slowmotion Cover)
08. Los Perros Del Espacio
09. Sleepless (Weyland Lullaby)
10. So Hard, So Simple (Breathing Next To You)
11. Hope Is Eternal
12. Ping The Galaxy


Reiz - Snow-Covered Sun (2CD)

Russian net-label Synth-me is proud to present the debut album of the russian project Reiz "Snow-Covered Sun", which includes all the deepest thoughts of its creator - Alexander Verzicht. The release consists of 2 CDs with a mount of powerful electro-industrial tracks and produces to the listeners genres' mixing in different languages. The first CD is the original material and the second is filled with the different collaborations with projects from all over the world. Don't be lazy and download the new album of Reiz and you won't regret.

CD 1
01. Intro: Cardiograms
02. In Silence
03. Mortuus in Anima
04. Oxygene
05. Hakenkreuz (album version)
06. Snow-Covered Sun
07. Psalm Zero
08. Both Sides Of Me (feat. FRZ)
09. Incrustations
10. Drops of Rain
11. Mythology
12. Undone (feat. Miriam Miles)

CD 2
01. Intro: Mechanism of Fate
02. Hakenkreuz (remix by Nerva Tremo)
03. Both Sides of Me (remix by Nosense)
04. Drops Of Rain (remix by Nitemare Machine)
05. Snow-Covered Sun (remix by Advent Resilience)
06. Hakenkreuz (hard version feat. Arkhitektonika)
07. Psalm Zero (remix by Detuned Destruction)
08. Drops of Rain (remix by Vhelena Project)
09. Mortuus in Anima (hard version)
10. Psalm Zero (remix by Meine Liebe)
11. Hakenkreuz (remix by Nosense)
12. In Silence (remix by Darkrad)


Inxera Syndrome - Odd-Man Hypothesis

The first release of the year 2013 will be the new work of the ukrainian talented artist Victor Hornetz. In 2012 he presented the dancable TBM-bomb "Halodevourer" of his other project Segentot. This time Victor will lead you to the dark backstreets of Inxera Syndrome. The full-length album "Odd-Man Hypothesis" is filled with complex interlacements of genres and will be real gift for all the lovers of electro-industrial music. Synth ur life!

01. 7xN Billion Problems
02. Return Void
03. Where is My Human Being
04. Reversed Summer
05. Odd-Man Hypothesis
06. Wake Up, Baby Doe (album version)
07. Observer
08. Eat Vegans
09. Khome Party
10. Vessel-Absorber
11. Splash
12. I Wish I Could Be Empty (album version)


Segentot - Halodevourer

Label Synth-Me is glad to introduce debut full-length album of the project Segentot. The album is called "Halodevourer". Segentot is very talented musician Victor Hornets, who is known by the work in other project Inxera Syndrome. This young ukrainian formation had already some successfull local live shows in Ukraine. Raw and extraordinary "Halodevourer" will make a huge hole in the minds of electro-industrial lovers with music gunshot. The right and clever using of sounds, simple melodies and dancable beats will make your legs dance. Russian projects Bleak Freak and enDDay made their own vision on the track "Amphithymia" in their remixes.
If you remember Combichrist's best years or can imagine voiceless version of Faderhead's early years, listen to Segentot and you won't regret that! Synth ur life

01. Abgrund
02. [49][54][88]
03. Amphithymia
04. Interception
05. Halodevourer
06. There's No Dubstep in the Album, Seriously
07. Keres-0
08. Ongoing Cycle
09. Slender Man
10. Moving Machinery
11. Mothership
12. Leech
13. Superbia
14. Amphithymia (Bleak Freak rmx)
15. Amphithymia (enDDay rmx)


Sleep City - Uslovnaya Realnost

Label Synth-Me and portal are pleased to present the new album called "Uslovnaya Realnost" of the russian band Sleep City. The band started in 2008 and through all of these years were coming to the final target. This is album is a completed product in guitar gothic genre with soft fractuion of melancholy, inspired by the italian project The Frozen Autumn.
Do not be afraid of russian lyrics. The album is good for the gothic rock fans and also for the fans of synth-goth music. Dancable and romantic melodies at the same time will brighten the greary gray winter days. Synth ur life!

01. Gasnet Svet
02. SS (Sadizm i Strast)
03. Antigeroi
04. Padenie
05. Hitler v Iubke
06. Uslovnost
07. Posledniy Raz
08. Skvoz Zakat
09. Igrushki
10. Sad Zelenih Roz
11. Narkoz


Dukstrab - Influenza

Label Synth-Me and portal introduce the debut album "Influenza" of Russian electroindustrial project Dukstrab. This project was launched by DJ Adept having realized some tracks do not correspond to the core concept of his main group Anthracitic Moths. Due to severe mechanical beats, psychedelic melodies and brave improvisations in styles, Dukstrab's taking part in several compilations and participation in thematic parties arouse lively interest of the audience.
"Influenza" combines dancing and marching rhythms capturing your body with sophisticated tunes taking possession of your mind. Release also contains remixes by P01Z0N (Belarus) and DeZtructor. Synth ur life!.

01. Andy's Birthday
02. Anonimus
03. Wilkommen Varvara
04. Fatal Error
05. Dance in a Laundry
06. Frost
07. Electrogypsy
08. Influenza
09. Bier Zeit
10. Pelmeni
11. Zavod
12. Sunset
13. Automation
14. Anonimus (P01Z0N rmx)
15. Zavod (DeZtructor rmx)


Mirrors Of Mind - Dellamorte Dellamore (meat edition) (EP)

Label Synth-Me presents the single of known lithuanian synh-goth project Mirrors of Mind called "Dellamorte Dellamore (Meat Edition)". The band existing and making electronic music on gothic scene since 2010. Female vocals combining with melodic music and dramatic lyrics are peculiar features of the lithuanians.
But now forget all that you heard before! Except the original track this release contains two aggressive "meat" thrillers from powerful russian projects Virgin Fix and Diezel Xzaust and Freaky Mind. If you wanted to hear some romantic singing and tragic depressive emotions, this single is not for you. After listening to the meat edition of Dellamorte Dellamore your brain won't be alive anymore. Synth ur life!

01. Dellamorte Dellamore
02. Dellamorte Dellamore (refixed by Virgin Fix & Diezel Xzaust)
03. Dellamorte Dellamore (non-intellectual mix by Freaky Mind)


Vigilante - Revolution Is Now

The new release of the Synth-Me label is from chilean monsters of aggro-industrual music Vigilante "Revolution is Now". The project is well-known to the fans of guitar post-industrial music by the albums and powerful material since the year 2005. The new release is the result of collaborations between different popular and underground musicians and projects from the post USSR territory, Europe and USA. This compilation of the new exclusive remixes is released during the same titled earopean tour. Synth ur life!

01. New Order (Child from the Crypt rmx)
02. New World (Aktivehate rmx)
03. One Good Reason (Ultimate Soldier rmx)
04. The New Order (mono mix by Carphax Files)
05. Hardcore (rmx by Perfect Symmetry)
06. One Good Reason (chile steel module mix by Impact Pulse)
07. The New World (Diezel Xzaust rmx)
08. The New World (Totten Mechanismus rmx)
09. Hardcore (vocoder rage mix by Bleak Freak)
10. Still Alive (Red-Line rmx)
11. The New Resistance (Dazzling Malicious rmx)
12. Still Alive (Anthracitic Moths rmx)
13. Hardcore (Tatlum rmx)
14. The New Order (Type V Blood rmx)
15. Hardcore (Terminal Zero rmx)


DreamVeil - Agressor (EP)

The Label Synth-Me welcome new release to dark stage fans by the famous russian band DreamVeil witch created in 2007 and have many changes for this moment, both in composition and in the sound. They haven't been shy about stylistic restrictions witch they never have, that's why every new creation may have extraordinary style from the guitar rage's rhythms to electro-raves sound.
The "Agressor" is new single witch every fans waiting for along time. Recording took place at the studio Sonic Grenade under the control of the sound-producer Artem Gudkov. Especially for this release is a remix version of his prepared our colleagues: Roman Rain, Sector 516 and Ind.-s. Synth ur life!

01. Agressor (single edit)
02. Agressor (old school industrial dance by Roman Rain)
03. Illuzornaya Mechta (studio-drums version 2012)
04. Illuzornaya Mechta (mix by Sector 516)
05. Illuzornaya Mechta (remix by Ind.-s)
06. Outro (Agressor)


CutOff:Sky - Scars (EP)

Third release of the internet-label Synth-me is CutOff:Sky "Scars (EP)". The Projecdt was founded by Moscow-based DJ and soundproducer DJ Xaler. Oleg is known in Russia on the scene since the year 2009 by playing on different parties and making remixes. He is trying to add new elements and new additives in his music. CutOff:Sky is keeping the audience in constant beat pressure making everybody dance. On "Scars" you will found everything, that is actual on modern electronic scene of underground music: techno-industrial, hard trance and dubstep. Original versions are mixes with instrumental editions and remixes from russian collegues Project E.V.A. The main surprise is the last track, which sounds different in comparison with other CutOff:Sky material. Synth ur life!

01. Scars (single version)
02. Wir Sind die Nacht (vs Covenant)
03. Cyclogenesis (instrumental)
04. SDI 2011 (instrumental)
05. Scars (Project E.V.A. remix)
06. Humanity (feat. The Nameless City)


Mea Vita - Fevral (EP)

Label Synth-Me is happy to introduce the second release by the group Mea Vita "Fevral". The trio of fascinating girls - Felis, Lila and Winter joined to run a project in 2008. Darkwave and neoclassic were chosen as the most appropriate styles to express human feelings. Projecting emotions onto the present-day reality, Mea Vita narrates simple stories of nontrivial occurrences.
While listening Fevral one can find notes of sadness and love, familiar to everybody. Original versions are supplemented with remixes by Digital Machine, Ariu Kara, Dree My Weird, Ainoma, Last Phase and Aggressive Remover. Dissolve in the atmosphere of winter evening with Mea Vita. Synth ur life!

01. Fevral
02. Fevral (electro version)
03. Snezhinki (single edit)
04. Snezhinki (Ariu Kara cold remix)
05. Snezhinki (Digital Machine remix)
06. Snezhinki (Dree My Weird remix)
07. Snezhinki (Ainoma eternal winter remix)
08. Snezhinki (Last Phase remix)
09. Snezhinki (pulsing remix by Agressive Remover)


Anthracitic Moths - Zwoelf

Label Synth-Me presents a new album of remixes "Zwoelf" of electro-industrial formation Anthracitic Moths. Launched in 2008 the progect managed to find its niche on domestic dark scene. In 2011 Anthracitic Moths made itself known by its debut album "Delicate Devil". Today guys want their listeners to appreciate their efforts together with other dark projects. The release is opened with the original version of the track "Biomass" with its recognizable sound. The block of remixes includes collaborations in various styles done by different projects of post-industrial scene. The versions are presented by Wormz, RSM, Pray Project, Virgin Fix and Diezel Xzaust, Zweifelhaft, Sleetgrout, Tatlum, Cutoff:Sky, DJ Rentgen, Distorted World and Dioxin. The final composition Zwoelf crowns the album. Synth ur life!

01. Biomass (original version)
02. Shagom Marsh (Wormz 100% reload)
03. Biomass (refixed by Virgin Fix & Diezel Xzaust)
04. Shagom Marsh (Dioxin mix)
05. Biomass (Zweifelhaft mix)
06. Shagom Marsh (Pray Project dub tune mix)
07. Biomass (remixed by Cutoff:Sky)
08. Shagom Marsh (DJ Rentgen Exp. mix)
09. Biomass (remix by Tatlum)
10. Shagom Marsh (Sleetgrout mix)
11. Biomass (RSM mix)
12. Shagom Marsh (Distorted World sympho remix)
13. Zwoelf