Internet-label NoiseUp is proud to present to industrial music lovers album of Finnish project Aberva. Young Finnish project of the musician Heikki Pöntinen was created in the beginning of the year 2017 and this album is the debut. Helsinki and north country Finland have beneficial effect on the ability to create dark sound in electronic and industrial music. 4 works in the genre of industrial darkwave with dark ambient and electro-industrial opuses with classical industrial music elements formed the unique atmosphere of dark night forests of the North countries. One story about your subconsciousness in 4 pieces. The album will be available on the official NoiseUp website and Bandcamp of the label. Noise the world!

01. Ohuterre
02. Qas Iter
03. Hedroclamer
04. Ido Afixede



Internet-label NoiseUp is glad to introduce to its listeners and noise lovers album of Russian project Ad Marginem. The project was created in 2017 and managed to release several works on their Bandcamp page. The released material contains long harsh noise and harsh noise wall works. This album is made of two previously published tracks in classical harsh noise genre with ,b>dark ambient background and one more composition, which was released previously only on cassette in very limited amount. The last track, which is actually the first one in the album, consists of noise opuses with experimental piano sounds, that flies us away to the world of academic avant-garde music. This piano noise track is the most experimental from all that was released on NoiseUp till now. The album will be ready for free download on the official website of NoiseUp and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Noise it up!

01. Untitled
02. Sternennacht
03. The Age of Pioneers


protocell - Incantation

Internet-label NoiseUp presents new works in the album “Incantation” of Japanese experimental musician protocell known as Leo Okagawa. The project is based in Tokyo and creates industrial and ambient soundscapes since the middle of 10s. Japanese master of sounds has already released several releases on his Bandcamp page. Albums and mini-albums were made in genre of dark ambient with percussion industrial. New album will include two new compositions with silent and ominous dark ambient with drone ambient and death-industrial variations. Formless humming, rustling and dark atmosphere from far away are making this album grim and mysterious. The album will be out for free download on the official NoiseUp website and Bandcamp page of the label. Noise the world!

01. The Ivy Growth Process
02. Vampyroteuthis


Grande Lumière Détruira Tous - Mindwall

Internet-label Noise-Up Presents the work of Moscow-based exprimental project Grande Lumière Détruira Tous from Russia. Young project was created on the boudless vastness of experimental music in the year 2017 and till now managed to release several own works on the personal Bandcamp page. The musician creates unique atmosphere formed from the sounds of the streets, from noises in your head, from rustling of dark corridors in forgotten cities, from rattling of ramshackle of tree branches under the feet of the running through time eternity, from froufrou of writing irresistible pen and from the sough of fallen useful age-old oak leaves. The musician creates soundscapes to the world utopia. Of the those utopias will be available for you and will be called "Mindwall". The soundcaped are constructed with threads of dark ambient, drone ambient, percussion industrial and comicity. The album will be available on the NoiseUp label fro free download on the official Bandcamp page and the website. Noise the world!

01. Cloudwalker
02. Mindwall
03. Old World
04. Ouroboros Heartbeat


Phÿcus - Total Gold

NoiseUp label is glad to present its second release. Canadian project Phÿcus is active on the industrial and noise scene since 1988. During its long history the musicians managed to release cassettes, vinyls and CDs on different labels and also by themselves. In 1998 Phÿcus released “X”, a set of three vinyl albums thematically titled “Blood”, ”Zero” and “Gold”. Two years later their final release “Total”. Two CDs titled “Blood” and “Zero”. The plan was had to release “Total” as a three CD set, but triple CDs are difficult to package, so “ Total Gold” was put aside. So in the year 2017 the material intended for “Total Gold” is available for the first time as “Total Gold” on NoiseUp. Noise soundscapes with dark ambient elements in longs compositions will lead the listeners throught the dark corridors of subconsciousness of the musicians. The album will by available for free download on the official website of the label Synth-Me and on the official Bandcamp page of NoiseUp. Noise the world!

01. Gold 1
02. Gold 2
03. Gold 3


Izetskal - Untitled

We are opening the era of noises. Label NoiseUp is proud to present the new album of the British project Izetskal for the noise lovers. The project was founded in 2016 and released already a lot of releases on his Bandcamp page. New work of UK based will be the first step of NoiseUp label in the field of experimental music. Three long experimental compositions on the album are done in the harsh noise style with power electronics elements. Noises will penetrate your brain and will destroy your subconscious by obscurity and at the same time by orderliness. Tripple madness, triple noise. The release will be out on the official website of NoiseUp label and on the Bandcamp page. Noise the world!

01. I
02. II
03. III