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Phÿcus - Total Gold

NoiseUp label is glad to present its second release. Canadian project Phÿcus is active on the industrial and noise scene since 1988. During its long history the musicians managed to release cassettes, vinyls and CDs on different labels and also by themselves. In 1998 Phÿcus released “X”, a set of three vinyl albums thematically titled “Blood”, ”Zero” and “Gold”. Two years later their final release “Total”. Two CDs titled “Blood” and “Zero”. The plan was had to release “Total” as a three CD set, but triple CDs are difficult to package, so “ Total Gold” was put aside. So in the year 2017 the material intended for “Total Gold” is available for the first time as “Total Gold” on NoiseUp. Noise soundscapes with dark ambient elements in longs compositions will lead the listeners throught the dark corridors of subconsciousness of the musicians. The album will by available for free download on the official website of the label Synth-Me and on the official Bandcamp page of NoiseUp. Noise the world!

01. Gold 1
02. Gold 2
03. Gold 3


Izetskal - Untitled

We are opening the era of noises. Label NoiseUp is proud to present the new album of the British project Izetskal for the noise lovers. The project was founded in 2016 and released already a lot of releases on his Bandcamp page. New work of UK based will be the first step of NoiseUp label in the field of experimental music. Three long experimental compositions on the album are done in the harsh noise style with power electronics elements. Noises will penetrate your brain and will destroy your subconscious by obscurity and at the same time by orderliness. Tripple madness, triple noise. The release will be out on the official website of NoiseUp label and on the Bandcamp page. Noise the world!

01. I
02. II
03. III


23 MARCH 2017
First release on NoiseUp
Izetskal "Untitled"
Noise the world!
01 January 2017
New sublabel of Synth-Me. NoiseUp is about to work with experimental industrial genres such as power electronics, noise, dark ambient, ritual ambient and others.Feel free to send me your material. I will not make special page for this label, but it will be published here as Synth-Me sublabel. So enjoy and wish luck. So noise stay with you! If you are interested in releasing your material in NoiseUp visit our Contact section on the label and be in touch.
Noise the world!